Robot transport units




Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.'s robot transport units (RTU), the RTU Series, are now available to all our current and future customers. With this new RTU design, Kawasaki is able to offer the reliable product we are known for, while still being able to provide the best in lead time, cost, and quality. The rails, bearings, and geartrain are all supplied by industry leaders who provide superior quality and durability. The servo motor is controlled directly through the Kawasaki robot controller as an external axis and can be fully coordinated with the robot's movement. The Kawasaki engineered heavy duty structural steel frame is manufactured locally by long-term partners, and all is assembled here at Kawasaki for our customers.


The RTU design is modular, with 3.5 and 5.5 meter base frame sections which can be combined in a multitude of variations to accommodate up to 30 meters of overall length. The RTU-45 model is rated for robots up to a 300 kg capacity, with a total carriage payload of 2930 kg. For flexibility, multiple carriages options are available to allow for various Kawasaki robot bolt patterns as well as the needed room for mounting an arc welding power supply and wire feed box or other peripheral devices.



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